What is Triangle?


How to Build and Sustain a National Alcohol Policy Coalition with Young People

The main aim was to connect young people from youth organisations with other nongovernmental organisations and state insitutions and thus establishing national focal points in the participating countries.

The Triangle project was funded under the European Commission's Youth in Action Programme – Action 1.3 - "Youth Democracy Projects" with the purpose of building coalitions on the field of alcohol policy advocacy. 

Participants from six different organisations in three different countries (Slovenia, Lithuania and Portugal) were participating in  the activities, which included preparatory meeting in Ljubljana, three national meetings in Lisbon, Kaunas and Funchal, organised by local young people, and evaluation meeting in Funchal.

Main focus was on  the national meetings, through which young people were able to discover good practices on field of alcohol policy in each of the countries and compare different realities. Organisations from the same country also joined efforts to develop advocacy campaigns which then took place in each of the respective countries, and also sum up their experience and develop guidelines for building coalitions in the field of alcohol policy advocacy.

Triangle 2.0

Currently Triangle 2.0 is being carried out in new countries - Malta, Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey. These countries have different cultural backgrounds, alcohol consumption trends, historical approaches to alcohol policy and alcohol policy itself, therefore we are looking forward to an exciting work during the project and promising results afterwards.