Observing members

At the current time, the Observing Members of the Alcohol Policy Youth Network are:

Conditions for attaining YHO Observing Membership:

(8.1.3.) According to the YHO Constitution, observing members are organizations that work for young people but don’t meet the conditions in Articles 9.3, 9.4 and 9.5.

(9.1.) YHO membership is voluntary.

(9.2.) An organization can become an YHO member if:

  • a. It has defined in its basic act that it works in the youth field (necessarily) and the field of reduction of harmful alcohol use (not necessarily).
  • b. Its highest body adopts a resolution to become a member of the YHO.
  • c. It accepts YHO’s constitution and commits the association to abide by it.
  • d. It confirms that it is not affiliated to the alcohol nor tobacco industry.
  • e. When applying for YHO membership an organisation has to submit a proof that the above mentioned conditions have been accepted and a signed statement of commitment to abide YHO’s constitution.

A YHO Observing Members' rights and duties are:

(10.1.)  YHO observing and associate members’ rights and duties are to:
  • a. Help create and execute YHO`s programme.
  • b. Function accordingly to the YHO constitution.
  • c. Pay a yearly fee if determined by the General Assembly each year.
  • d. Have proposing rights at the General Assembly.