APPLY NOW: 4 th EAPYC in Lithuania between 11th and 15th October 2018

After three successfully performed European Alcohol Policy Youth Conferences (in 2012 in Slovenia, in 2014 in Turkey and in 2016 in Slovenia again), the Alcohol Policy Youth Network (APYN) is happy to announce that the 4 th European Alcohol Policy Conference (EAPYC) will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania between 11 th and 15 th October 2018.

Idea and aims

The 4th EAPYC will focus on creating momentum for participants to network and establish new contacts which later on can be used for joint initiatives across various European countries. The project focuses on three main themes: youth; health and wellbeing and reaching the policy level/dialogue with decision makers.

The idea of the conference is to bring together up to 100 youth workers, youth leaders and young people from across Europe between the age of 18 and 30, who are interested in preventing and reducing alcohol-related harm.

The main 4th EAPYC goals are to:
  •  Raise interest among young people and youth organisations about prevention of alcohol related harm and alcohol policy;
  •  Promote evidence-based projects and practices for reducing the alcohol-related harm;
  •  Empower the participants with the necessary skills and capacities in order to effectively work on the field of alcohol;
  •  Empower the participants with the necessary tools to engage in advocating for more comprehensive alcohol policy at regional, national and international levels;
  •  Provide the necessary tools and training for participants to be able to conduct projects to reduce alcohol related harm on youth;
  •  Give participants the opportunity to exchange their expertise and good practises with their peers;
  •  Enhance cooperation and partnership among various youth organizations to work in the same topic, specifically alcohol.

The participation fee covers the conference pack, accommodation, food and local travel and it varies upon the time of your application/ registration. You can lower your participation fee by applying early – see the different fees below.

European countries:
Early birds: until 31st of August 2018: 80 €
Regular applicants: until 30th of September 2018: 100 €
Late applicants: after 30th of September 2018: 120 €

Non-European countries:
Regular applicants: until 30th of September 2018: 450 €
Late applicants: after 30th of September 2018: 550 €

The participants cover their own travel costs to and from the venue in Lithuania. In case you are not able to cover your travel costs in full, please mark the amount for travel costs you are able to finance in the application form (link below). The amount of your financial contribution is not an exclusion criterion for participation at the conference (see more about the selection procedure below) and we have a limited amount of international travel scholarships available, in order to allow additional participants benefit from our event.

Possible reductions of the participation fee
a) Representatives of APYN member organizations have reduction of the participation fee in accordance with the membership fee paid for the year 2017.

b) A refund of 20 € or 30 € (depending on the time of application) is possible for organizations that are interested in becoming members of APYN and file a membership application the latest by 15th September 2018 to the APYN Secretariat (check about the process on

Selection of participants and confirmation of your place at the conference

The organizers will be selecting the participants based on their experience working in the field of alcohol and youth. Interest in working on health topics, promoting a healthy lifestyle and desire to carry out health-related projects in the future will also be taken into account when selecting the participants.

The organizer will contact the selected applicants by:
- 10th September for participants who applied until 31st August 2018,
- In 5 working days after application for participants who applied after 31st August 2018.

Selected participants will receive the confirmation by email with a Welcome pack and information for the transfer of the participation fee. Your place at the conference will be guaranteed after the receipt of the participation fee or booked tickets confirmation.


Application for the conference is available on this link.

DISCLAIMER: In APYN we have a “no-conflict of interest” rule, which means that any participant or organization, which is affiliated or has received funding from alcohol or tobacco industry or their intermediates, is ineligible for participation at this event. If found out on a later stage that the participant was falsely confirming the “no-conflict of interest” clause in the application form, the individual would be denied access to the Conference and the already paid participation fee will not be refunded. An application for membership does not mean a definite fee reduction – refund happens after approval of the new organization as a member by the APYN General Assembly on 15th October 2018. The organizers will reimburse the participants for their expenses up to the agreed amount in 60 days after receiving of all necessary documentation (all invoices which confirm the costs, original boarding passes and other tickets). The participation fee, after being transferred, will not be refunded unless a force majeure.