2nd Regional European Alcohol Policy Youth Conference

REAPYC is a youth conference, second of its kind, for building capacity for youth to become advocates of a more comprehensive alcohol policy in Europe. The conference will gather up to 30 participants and will offer parallel sessions focusing on youth research on alcohol, project development and advocacy on alcohol policy.

The objectives of the REAPYC training are to:
• Host a conference with 30 young people interested in preventing/ reducing alcohol-related harm;
• Organize plenary presentations with experts, policy and decision-makers from the region and broader;
• Organize three parallel workshops on the topics of youth research, project development on alcohol and advocacy for alcohol policy;
• Prepare a final publication about the outcomes of the conference.

In order to achieve these aims, the training will include a combination of workshops, plenaries and training sessions on different skills, delivered by experienced facilitators. The conference also invites experts on advocacy, policy-making, law-enforcement and research on alcohol to exchange their own experiences with the participants.

The conference will have three parallel sessions, according to the expertise of the participants:
• Project development training course targeted to young people who haven’t yet worked on the alcohol-related field and the ones who already worked on the alcohol-related fields and would like to develop advanced projects tackling different alcohol-related issues;
• Training course for youth researchers (intermediate) aimed to those willing to work on scientific research regarding alcohol consumption among youth;
• Training course on alcohol policy, advocacy and lobbying (intermediate and advanced), aimed for those willing to influence local, national and international alcohol policies.

Participant criteria:
• A multiplier who will be engaged in educational activities in his or her organization, has the interest in the Alcohol and Youth field;
Citizen of one of the following countries: Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland;
• Has ideas, possibilities and willingness to put the gained knowledge into practice after returning home from the conference;
• Has the basic knowledge of the youth field (knowing today’s youth, their needs and motivation, etc.);
• Is able to fully participate in the event (arrival: 2nd November December, departure: 8th November 2016);
• Is able to use English as a working language (both oral and written).

Registration fees:
Early registration fee 60 euros (Deadline 2nd October).
Late registration fee 80 euros (Deadline 16th October).

Application form 

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact a member of the organising committee Gabija Barilaite via gabija.barilaite@gmail.com.

Lithuanian Medical Students’ Association and Alcohol Policy Youth Network

Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union