European Alcohol Policy Youth Conferences (EAPYC)

4th EAPYC Vilnius, Lithuania (11-15th October 2018)

Together with our member organization Lithuanian Medical Students' Association (LiMSA) we have organized the 4th European Alcohol Policy Youth Conference (EAPYC) in Vilnius, Lithuana between the 11th and 15th of October 2018.

We've brought together around 80 youth workers from across Europe, who work on the topic of alcohol harm prevention and advocacy among youth. We've provided training on the development of evidence-based projects, advocacy campaigns and youth research, enabled networking of the participants and the exchange of good practices, and thus empowered youth workers for their work on the field of alcohol. 4th EAPYC project was financed by the Erasmus+ NA in Lithuania.



3rd EAPYC Bled, Slovenia (12-16th May 2016)

APYN with Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy (STAP) and Eurocare organized the third European Alcohol Policy Youth Conference (EAPYC) in Bled, Slovenia between the 12th and 16th of May 2016. 

EAPYC was a youth build conference that brought together around 80 people around Europe, some of them already familiar with alcohol related topics, some beginners in the field but all eager to work in areas of alcohol policy, youth research and in developing evidence-based projects on alcohol prevention and harm reduction. The main goals were focused on raising interest among young people about prevention and reduction of alcohol related harm and alcohol policy and also to empower them with necessary knowledge and tools to work on these areas.

The conference was also one of the last events of a three-years-long European Commission funded project called Let it hAPYN!, so the outcomes of the project were presented during the event.

A combination of lectures, workshops and non-formal activities was a perfect format for the conference. We had the opportunity to listen to Dag Rekve from WHO, Vesna Kerstin Petrič from Ministry of Health of Slovenia, Jan Peloza from APYN, Jon Foster from Institute of Alcohol Studies, Peter Rice from Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP), Mariann Skar from Eurocare and Wim van Dalen from Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy (STAP), while our experienced APYN trainers took care of the workshops.

The conference was a great opportunity for participants to exchange knowledge, good practices, and ideas and maybe even to establish new partnerships.

The project was supported by the Health Programme of the European Union, Slovenia’s Development Cooperation, South-Eastern Europe Health Network and by Slovenian Ministry of Health.

2nd EAPYC Bursa, Turkey (10-16th December 2014)

The conference took place in Bursa, Turkey between 10th and 16th December 2014. The idea of the conference was to bring together young people from across the Europe and beyond to work together on the topic of alcohol, alcohol prevention and advocacy among youth. More than 330 applications were received, and in the end 137 people attended. The conference had a combination of workshops, plenaries, thematic sessions and social programme. Aim of the workshops was to offer the participants to work on a topic of their interest with experienced youth trainers in an interactive way. There were workshops in the following areas: 

  • Development of alcohol related projects, aimed at those who would like to start working in the field of alcohol and those who would like to improve their already existing projects,
  • Youth research, aimed at those willing to work on scientific research regarding alcohol and
  • Youth Advocacy in alcohol policies, aimed at those willing to influence local, national and international authorities on alcohol policy and advocacy.
During plenary sessions experts made an input for the young people attending the conference to get clearer picture of the problem of alcohol in general. APYN had an honour to host speakers also mainly from pioneering institutions such as UK institute of Alcohol Studies (Dr. Katherine Brown), New York Alcohol Policy Alliance (MPH Robert Pezzolesi), the Scottish health action on alcohol problems (Dr. Peter Rice), the WHO Europe Drugs harmful use department (Dr. Lars Moller), European Cancer League (Dr Wendy Yared), European Commission (Arila Pochet), Eurocare (Mariann Skar), Institute Utrip (Matej Košir), STAP (Wim van Dalen) and ANPAA (Claude Riviere).

Additionally, Bursa Youth Paper on Alcohol was prepared by participants and experts of the conference.

1st EAPYC Bled, Slovenia (8-14th November 2012)

In November 2012, over 100 young people, decision-makers and experts in the field of public health have gathered in Bled, searching and discussing solutions for prevention and reduction of alcohol-related harm in Europe. At this conference, the idea for an all-European project “Let it hAPYN” has been conceived, while APYN has gained wider recognition. Conference hosted experts from various entities such as World Health Organisation (WHO), European Commission (EC), Netherlands’ Institute for Alcohol Policy (STAP), Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS), Eurocare Members and the Ministry of Health of Slovenia.

In May 2015 The European Commission through the Youth in Action and Erasmus+ programme awarded the exceptional work of youth organisations in the field of youth empowerment and youth work. Directorate General for Education and Culture has nominated 150 projects, which were according to their criteria examples of good practice. There were 35 projects short-listed for the final award, and one of them was the first European Alcohol Policy Youth Conference (EAPYC), jointly organised by the APYN and No Excuse Slovenia.