About the project

In 2017 APYN started a project "Towards Slovenian and Lithuanian Youth Manifesto on Alcohol", which is co-funded by the Slovenian national agency of the Erasmus+ Programme - Movit. 

The project Towards YMA intends to encourage young people towards a structured dialogue with experts, stakeholders and policy makers in their countries, with the help of trainings in the field of advocacy and inquiries about the future of alcohol policy in Slovenia and Lithuania.

Through two international gatherings, 5 regional meetings in Slovenia and 5 in Lithuania and an interactive campaign on social media the project intends to encourage young people to express their opinions on the most burning questions related with alcohol in their environment, region and broader. The collected initiatives were sorted by a so called Youth Commission, which was composed of the most driven young people from both countries, and it prepared a Slovenian and a Lithuanian youth manifesto on alcohol, which will be used for advocacy purposes in both countries.