Observing members

At the current time, the Observing Members of the Alcohol Policy Youth Network are:

Conditions for attaining APYN Observing Membership:
APYN Observing member organizations are organizations that do not fulfill the following criteria to become Full or Associate Members of APYN:

  • (9.2.b) It is a youth led organization with 70% of its membership and leadership within the age limits of 15- 35 for full members and associate members. This rule does not apply for observing members.
The APYN Observing Members status is designed for the organizations who work for young people, but are not genuine youth organizations (70% of its membership and leadership within the age limits of 15 - 35).

Additionally, the APYN Observing Members do not have the voting right in APYN General Assemblies:
  • (8.5.) Observing members do not have right to vote in APYN General Assembly.
An APYN Observing Membership is inheriting the Associate members' rights and duties:

(10.1.) APYN associate members’ rights and duties are to:
  • (10.1.1.) Help create and execute APYN`s programme.
  • (10.1.2.) Function accordingly to the APYN constitution.
  • (10.1.3.) Pay a yearly fee if determined by the General Assembly each year.