Monitoring Commitee

Jan Peloza (No Excuse Slovenia)

Jan is an engineer in computering and informatics and currently finishing his masters in social marketing with a focus on problematic gambling. He was the first president of the  Alcohol Policy Youth Network and the funder of one of the most successful Slovenian non-governmental organizations, the Youth Network No Excuse Slovenia. Being a youth worker for the last 15 years, he contributed to the development of the European health promotion and health-advocacy sector, while at the same time as a trainer and facilitator helped young people to become socially engaged as organizers of many successful international events. As a co-establisher of Sustainaware – the global youth partnership for education on sustainable development and the European Environmental and Health Youth Coalition, he showed leadership towards a world free from fossil fuels, with a special interest in green washing – environmental misleading by big businesses. Jan is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers’ Community and he recently received a national award for a long-term special contribution to the development of the Slovenian youth sector and an European Youth Award for the most outstanding project in the category "Empowering young people through meetings with decision makers”. 


Sofia Ribeiro (European Medical Students' Association - EMSA)


Sofia is a Medical Doctor specializing in Public Health in Portugal. She has completed an MSc in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and she is currently completing a MA in International Relations and Political Science (European Studies track) at the NOVA university in Lisbon. Over the last years, she has been working in Public Health at international level, having attended over 40 international meetings as an active delegate. She worked as a consultant at the WHO Representation to the European Union in Brussels for a year, following topics related to risk factors, including alcohol and tobacco. Furthermore, Sofia has worked as the Vice President for External Affairs of the European Medical Students’ Association for two years, addressing health policies and public health projects across Europe in several areas, including alcohol, healthy ageing, bioethics and medical education. Perhaps the area she has more expertise in would be the reduction of alcohol-related harm. As the Vice President for Advocacy and Alcohol Policy of APYN for four years, she worked on research, policy, advocacy and also training at both national and European level.  She also holds a position within the Young Forum Gastein Taskforce, and she was a member of the Executive Desk and the Executive Committee of the European Network of Medical Residents in Public Health. In her spare time, she likes to learn languages and travel. 

Ingunn Aanes 


Ingunn was a member of the APYN secretariat from 2010 till 2014. She holds a master degree in economics and management from the Norwegian School of Economics. Further, she has broad experience from different youth organization including APYN, No Excuse and Juvente Norway. 

Previous Monitoring Committee Members: