Full Members

At the current time, the Full Members of the Alcohol Policy Youth Network are:

Conditions for attaining APYN Full Membership (in line with the Constitutions):

(8.1.1.) Full members of APYN are associations or federations of associations that fulfil all conditions to become a full member.

(9.3.) Conditions for attaining the full membership in APYN are:
  • (9.3.1.) To have both – local and national outreach.
  • (9.3.2.) If the candidate for membership is an association, it is required to have at least 100 members (persons).
  • (9.3.3.) If the candidate for membership is a federation of associations, it is required to have at least 5 members – associations with together at least 100 members (persons).
  • (9.3.4.) to have at least one »active commitment« in the field of alcohol and youth. »Active commitment« is a project or activity of an APYN member, which proves the association is active in the APYN’s field of action.
(9.4) Conditions for keeping full membership of APYN:
  • (9.4.1.) The same points included under 9.3.
  • (9.4.2.) In case an existing full member doesn’t have at least one »active commitment« at the time of the General Assembly, it is a requirement to obtain one within three months after it.
An APYN Full Membership is inheriting the Associate members' rights and duties:

(10.1.) APYN associate members’ rights and duties are to:
  • (10.1.1.) Help create and execute APYN`s programme.
  • (10.1.2.) Function accordingly to the APYN constitution.
  • (10.1.3.) Pay a yearly fee if determined by the General Assembly each year.
(10.2.) APYN full members' rights and duties are the same as mentioned in 10.1 and additionally to:
  • (10.2.1.) Participate in APYN bodies.
  • (10.2.2.) To oversee the material and financial business of APYN.
  • (10.2.3.) Elect its representatives in APYN bodies.
  • (10.2.4.) Have a voting right in the General Assembly.