Executive Board

President: Lukas Galkus (Lithuanian Medical Students' Association)

E-mail: president@apyn.org 
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Lukas is a student in Medicine in Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and a Health activist with a working background in Lithuanian Medical Students’ Association (LiMSA) and Lithuanian Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition. Over the last years he has been active in public health sector representing youth voice both on national and international level. Lukas is also a board member in Students’ Scientific Society of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. He joined APYN in 2014 and became Vice President for Youth Research. Lukas in interested in research in fields of health promotion and prevention (especially alcohol and tobacco) and youth work.

Vice-president for Development of Youth Work on the Alcohol Field and Training: Ines Kebler (Slovenian Medical Students' International Committee) 

E-mail: vp.development@apyn.org

Ines comes from Maribor, Slovenia. In everyday life she is 5th year medical student, Slovenian Medical Students’ International Committee (SloMSIC) president and a forever young soul who loves travelling and is currently having the time of her life. She got involved with APYN few years ago under totally unexpected circumstances and she loves it! Making the world a better, safer and healthier place for everyone is her driving force for everything she does. She is a huge animal lover, especially fascinated by the mightiness of whales.

Vice-president for Youth Research: Nurbanu Sahan (Civil Life Association Turkey)

E-mail: vp.research@apyn.org

Nurbanu has graduated from Industrial Engineering Department of Uludag University, Bursa- TURKEY in 2015. She is currently working in management consulting sector as a researcher and strategist. Her involvement with youth sector started in 2011. She is one of the founders of Turkish national youth NGO, Civil Life Association. She has been functioned there in several positions and took part in various projests.  Nurbanu's fields of interest are youth health and healthy lifestyle. Since 2014 she has been involved with APYN. She loves learning new things and new places to explore.

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