What is APYN?

APYN History

Alcohol Policy Youth Network (APYN) represents a direct outcome of a series of political processes that continuously asked for higher youth participation in the definition, implementation and evaluation of policies and programmes tackling the harmful consumption of alcohol.

—-   2001   —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–»
The motivation for establishing APYN was the European Union’s Council of Health Ministers’ meeting in Stockholm in 2001 that stated the need to “increase young peoples involvement in youth health-related policies and action”, thus aiming to protect young people and reduce their hazardous and harmful drinking.

——————————————–   2004 – 2006   ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–»
In 2004-2006 Eurocare in partnership with the European Youth Forum succeeded to implement this policy, through a project funded by the European Commission.

——————————————————-   2006   —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————»
In 2006, having the support of ACTIS Norway and IOGT-NTO Sweden, the Norwegian and Swedish Government financed the European Youth Forum to convene a working group to produce a position paper on alcohol. The report recognized that youth organizations have an important role to play in influencing public policy to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm among young people.

In the light of this report, Alliance House Foundation then financed the setting up of “Alcohol Policy Youth Network” project, gathering representatives of National Youth Councils, European organizations and the European section of the International Federation of Medical Students to oversee the development of this network, having also support of the Institute of Alcohol Studies.

————————————————————————————————–   2008   ——————————————————————————————————————————————————–»
In March 2008, at the European Youth Center in Budapest, the Alcohol Policy Youth network was launched informally. During this Constitutive meeting we gave birth to the first ever all embracing youth network that prevents and reduces Alcohol related harm and identified the working areas that the future network would tackle, the needs that youth organisations must satisfy to be more involved in alcohol policy-making and its’ implementation, as well as developing the first action plan that has been revised and updated on the 2010′s annual coordination meeting in Lisbon, Portugal.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————–   2011   ———————————————————————————–»
In 2011, APYN finally became a formally established international non-governmental organization as a result of the two year project financed by the EU Health Programme (EAHC), co-financed by the International Organisation of Good Templars from Sweden (IOGT-NTO) and the Alliance House Foundation.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–   2012 – 2015   ————————————————»
APYN has been awarded a number of project grants from the European Commission, out of which, the main are:

- in 2012 APYN organized the 1st European Alcohol Policy Youth Conference for around 100 young people from most of the European countries, which was financed by the European Commissions’ Youth in Action Programme and co-financed by the Slovenian Ministry of Health;
- in 2013, APYN has been working in the direction of a more effective and comprehensive alcohol policy in Europe in line with young people’s needs and suggestions, and for this we organized the 1st Regional European Alcohol Policy Youth Conference in December 2013, in Chisinau, Moldova, focused on the Eastern Europe and Caucasus countries;
- also in 2013, APYN got awarded a grant for a so-called “Triangle pilot project” that aims at connecting national public health stakeholders (excluding the alcohol industry) from three countries (Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia) in developing effective and comprehensive national alcohol policy and develop guidelines for “triangles” establishment in other countries;
- for the 2013-2015 period APYN got another grant from the EU Health Programme to implement the project “Let it hAPYN” that aims at empowering the youth sector with a better overview of evidence-based Alcohol Intervention Programmes.


APYN is currently in the process of positioning itself among youth organizations and relevant institutions in Europe.

APYN has played an active part in the EU Alcohol and Health Forum and has been supportive of the WHO Global Alcohol Strategy, and is presently a member of Eurocare – the European Alcohol Policy Alliance, EAHF – the European Alcohol and Health Forum, and the members of APYN, as individuals, are also members of APN – Alcohol Policy Network.

The Alcohol Policy Youth Network is a network of youth organizations that work towards the prevention and reduction of alcohol-related harm. APYN develops and supports effective alcohol policy to assure healthy lifestyles and environments for young people. We do this through building capacity of youth organizations on:

  1. research on young people and alcohol;
  2. advocacy of alcohol policy;
  3. maintaining or changing attitudes and behaviors that would improve young people’s well being.

APYN is non-partisan and independent from any source of tobacco and alcohol industry funding. All its work is evidence-based.            » Download APYN Constitution «

APYN Supporters

We are very thankful to our supporters, to be able to be spreading the word about alcohol-related harm among European youth.

» The Executive Agency for Health and Consumers - Health Programme, European Union

This website arises from the project “Alcohol Policy Youth Network” which has received funding from the European Union in the framework of the Health Programme. The Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC) financed this project for the period of 1st January 2010 to May 2011. In April 2013 APYN was awarded with a grant by EAHC for the project “Let it hAPYN!” that seeks for best practice in alcohol interventions in youth organizations. More about this project can be followed on www.letithapyn.eu.
More about the EAHC can be found on their website.

 Institute of Alcohol Studies «

The core aim of the Institute of Alcohol Studies is to serve the public interest on public policy issues linked to alcohol, by advocating for the use of scientific evidence in policy-making to reduce alcohol-related harm.  The Institute does not have a view on whether individuals should drink or not drink.
Legally speaking, it’s an educational charity (No. 1112671) aiming to educate, preserve and protect the good health of the public by:
- promoting the scientific understanding of beverage alcohol and the individual, societal and health consequences of its consumption;
- promoting measures for the prevention of alcohol-related problems and to promote for the public benefit research into beverage alcohol and to publish the useful results. For more information, go to IAS’ website.

» Eurocare

A very important supporter to us is Eurocare – the European Alcohol Policy Alliance. Together with European Youth Forum (below) they have made a commitment to the European Alcohol and Health Forum to establish our organization back in 2008 which resulted in several activities after that and led to the official establishment of the international youth organization APYN on 27th May 2011. Nowadays, APYN is a full member of Eurocare.

 European Youth Forum «

Independently established by youth organisations, the European Youth Forum is made up of more than 90 National Youth Councils and International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations, which are federations of youth organisations in themselves. It brings together tens of millions of young people from all over Europe, organised in order to represent their common interests.
Representation, internal democracy, independence, openness and inclusion are among the main principles for the functioning of the European Youth Forum and its Member Organisations. Their vision is to be the voice of young people in Europe, where young people are equal citizens and are encouraged and supported to achieve their fullest potential as global citizens. The European Youth Forum is an independent, democratic, youth-led platform, representing national youth councils and international youth organisations from across Europe.

» Slovenian Ministry of Health

Slovenian Ministry Health has been supportive to the APYN cause from 2011 on when they have made everything possible to assure that the organization would get registered in Slovenia. Preliminary they have been a great supporter to various European Alcohol Policy initiatives and the sustainer of the network of supporters of comprehensive alcohol legislation. They are supporters of the above mentioned Let it hAPYN project and help sustain the position of APYN in the international community as well.

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